About Subham

SUBHAM FREIGHT CARRIERS INDIA PVT LTD being the parent concern, has many other sister concerns in a similar line namely SUBHAM EXPRESSWAYS LLP, SUBHAM EXPREES CARGO LLP. Subham also runs a Hostel service in many cities in the name of SUBHAM HOSTEL.

All these would not have been possible without the tremendous support from the team fondly called “SUBHAM FAMILY”.

Subham Leadership Way

Mrs. SUBHASHREE wife of Mr. SUNDARRAJ and joint managing director of the companies plays a vital role and extends all support to him in shaping the company to reach greater new heights.

It is being widely said among the world renowned economists that INDIA would be a number one  power in two or three decades and SUBHAM group of companies are constantly equipping themselves ideologically and technologically  to contribute their utmost best for the same from their side. We hope that will happen without doubt.


Dear All,

On behalf of the TOP Management team I would like to thank and congratulate all the members of Subham family for achieving a milestone of 204 crores for the financial year 2018-2019 where we have witnessed yet another year of healthy growth. We have also made good progress in our technological strategy over the course of 2018 with an upgrade in our tracking system with the introduction of asset tracker.

We worked to improve service quality and create new value for each industry with the focus on seven industry verticals such as automobile, FMCG, Health care, Pharmaceutical, textile and food to satisfy the requirements of customers in different business categories.

We aim to offer our customer world class service. We continually work with customers to find optimal solutions to their logistic challenges and proactively manage good relationships with them. We constantly strive to do this better than yesterday and to optimize quality in delivery time and price to the benefit of our customers. Subham is accelerating its strategy to transform the business through technology and establish its strong hold in the market.

As we continue to grow and scale the business, we have also remained focused on leveraging our infrastructure to drive productivity across the organization. We strongly focus on our value added services to our customers with the services like warehousing, inventory management and distribution services. We believe that our value added services allow us to leverage our transportation services and provide additional convenience to our customers.

We welcome all our employees and supporters to gear up to develop Subham into an international player over the period of next 5 years with all the world class facilities. We are also working to develop Subham with the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology in near future.

Subham wishes to thank all our Customers, Vehicle Suppliers, Banks, Employees and other vendors for their continued support and opportunity to help us grow as what we are today.


Managing Director


Dear All,

We would like to congratulate all the members of Subham Family for this humongous achievement. We strongly believe that every member of Subham family is aspired to achieve more regardless of limits. We would like to inform you all that every department of Subham has grown exemplarily well compared to all the past years under the spearhead leadership of all our top management team. We are very much proud that all the new policies and technologies are adapted by all the members of Subham family without any hesitation and difficulty. We need the same enthusiasm for the rapid growth in the coming years and creat benchmark for all the future generations.

Everyday new expectations and advancements are dwelling in the minds of our customers and we at Subham are obliged to fulfill all the needs to give utmost satisfaction. Owing to the speedy growth in logistics industry we are also gearing up in all the fields by increasing the number of branches across the country, increasing the warehouse space to provide efficient value added service to all our valuable customers, strengthening company owned fleets, appointing more skilled people to make them understand the needs of this industry and provide extraordinary service and finally we are equipped our self with all the latest technological developments in order to grow as a global player.

We request all the members of Subham family to not to settle down in this laurel as there is more way to go that which has been clearly stated with this year’s theme “Enroute, Our Journey Continues”. So kick start for another adventurous journey to add one more feather to our cap. We thank all our well-wishers, customers, Bankers, vendors and all the indirect supporters for believing us and giving us the opportunity to grow.

With Good Wishes,


Joint Managing Director

Our Mission

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